Band Questionnaire for affiliated AND unaffiliated bands

At the last BBL delegate meeting, it was raised that bands would like the BBL to collate feedback about different issues affecting bands. In order to do this, we have written the following Band Questionnaire for all bands to complete.  You can access it via this link:

Please note the following:

1. There should be ONE response completed per band.  Due to this we would advise that it is completed by more than one person in the band in order to ensure responses are wholly reflective of the band.

2. This questionnaire is for affiliated AND unaffiliated bands.  This questionnaire is tailored so that it asks different questions depending on how you answer them so it is very important that it is completely accurately.  In particular, on the first page of the questionnaire there is a section named “Grade of Band”.  It is very important that bands tick the most appropriate response to ensure the questionnaire is then tailored to your band.

3. According to our records, there are approximately 50 brass bands in Northern Ireland.  In order for this questionnaire to help, it is imperative that as many bands as possible complete it.  If we don’t know what problems bands are experiencing, we can’t do anything to help.  

4. It is important that all questions are answered as honestly as possible.  We have tried to provide as many different options for answers to questions as we can and have included the option to write your own.

5. The closing date for responses is 31st August 2020.  If you require an extension, please just let us know.

6. Affiliated bands – as specifically mentioned at the last delegate meeting, we have included several section dealing specifically with organisation/contest rules.  In order for us to do anything to change the rules, there needs to be a majority of bands requesting that a rule be considered for change.  It is also really important that you are very specific in any rules you would like to see changed.  To help with this we have included links to the rules within the questionnaire.

Whilst the BBL have been trying very hard to get contact information for all bands there are still some we don’t have email addresses for.  I know lots of you are involved in multiple bands or very friendly with other bands – please feel free to forward this on and encourage them to get in contact with us. 

We look forward to hearing from all of you.  If you have any problems please let us know!