Our Aims

The Brass Band League (Northern Ireland) aims to:

  • Promote and encourage all efforts tending to the continual improvement of the cultural advancement of Brass Bands throughout all sections of the community in Northern Ireland irrespective of religious, sexual or ethnic background or physical ¬†status.
  • Foster and develop links with other brass bands in the wider society.
  • Encourage the development of brass bands and their members by devising and promoting a range of activities such as contests, workshops and festivals.
  • Bring enjoyment and promote harmony in the wider community by bringing brass band music to the widest selection of people possible.
  • Encourage all sections of the community to become involved with their local brass band.

– Objectives, General Rules, Brass Band League Rule Book

Our Executive

The BBL has an executive committee which is elected at our Annual General Meeting.

The executive overseas the day to day running of the BBL and its various events.

Our executive members are:

President William Caughey
Vice Presidents Joe Jackson, David Dickson, Bill Clements, Allan Davison, Alan Hunter, Patricia Gibson, Ken McFarland, Stephen Kennedy
Chairman Allan Davison
Vice Chairman Nigel Brodison
Secretary Amber MacLennan
Assistant Secretary Julie-Anne Stevenson
Treasurer Paul Kirk
Executive Committee David Leonard
Jeanette Morton
Tommy Barr
Aaron Watson
Lucy Place